Trying to Conceive Kit (TTC-Kit) iProvèn - OPK with Basal Thermometer and Folate

Our TTC Kit is everything you need to kick-start your TTC Journey. A complete kit that contains all your basics - nothing more, nothing less.

Our Kit will never take the mystery out of new life, but it can help you to take the mystery out of your cycle. No more guessing when you ovulate or when to baby dance.

A box of female empowerment to make sense of your cycle and to prepare your body for a pregnancy. So you will have peace of mind on your TTC Journey.

Our box contains:

  • Our tried-and-true Basal Thermometer BBT-113
  • Our OPK with 35 Ovulation Test Strips
  • 2 early detection Pregnancy Test Strips
  • 3 regular Pregnancy Tests
  • A bottle of Methyl Folate (highly bioavailable)
  • The Complete TTC Kick Start Guide
  • And a lot of Baby Dust