Pulse Oximeter Fingertip O2 Saturation Monitor - iProvèn OXI-27 Black

  • THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR EVERY ATHLETE - If you are a sports fanatic, our OXI-27 will give you helpful insights into your SpO2 and pulse rate. Understanding your measurements will be a big step towards reaching your fitness goals.
  • YOUR SATURATION AND PULSE RATE IN ONE DEVICE - Our device is precision-engineered to measure both SpO2 and pulse rate. Specially designed to help you understand and improve your fitness levels. 
  • NEVER WORRY AGAIN ABOUT YOUR NUMBERS - Our OXI-27 has an intelligent alarm function. Our pulse oximeter will automatically let you know if you need to be careful when your numbers are dropping a little too low. 
  • REAL-TIME VISUAL FEEDBACK - The functions of our OXI-27 also include a bar graph. Showing in realtime the intensity of the signal strength. So you know how well the device is able to pick up on your SpO2 and pulse rate. 
  • ORDER TODAY - You’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.

Reach your lifestyle goals with our OXI-27
As an athlete—professional or just for fun—you understand the importance of a healthy SpO2 and pulse rate. Our pulse oximeter got you covered! You'll always have accurate and consistent measurements. It’ll help you to gain the insights you need to improve and to adjust your workouts.

Keeping track of your measurements made easy
We developed our OXI-27 to be consistent, accurate, and—most of all—easy for you to use. Our one-button device will fit perfectly around your finger and will give you continuous measurements.

The display of the device is equipped with a bar graph to accompany the numbers of your measurements. Essentially, the bar graph makes your pulse rate visible. A full bar graph indicates a strong heartbeat.

Healthy SpO2 levels are between 95% to 100%. If your levels drop to 94% or lower, our oximeter will sound an alarm. You never have to hesitate again about your numbers. The OXI-27 will let you know when you need to be careful.

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