Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function - Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology - DMT-489

You Found The One-Stop Solution For Temperature Measurement of the Entire Family.

That’s right: the iProvèn DMT-489 is applicable for all ages. First, it is perfect for parents with little children; it is extremely convenient to take the temperature of your youngster without them even noticing. The Easy back-light screen makes it possible to do so effortlessly at night. Second, this product works just as great for adults.

Whether you use the head mode for getting a quick indication (holding it for three seconds)
or the ear mode for getting a spot-on measurement (in one click) the thermometer will give you a measurement in no time. There is simply no easier or quicker way to take a temperature. The most work is in taking the device out of its storage pouch.

What makes the iProvèn DMT-489 stand out from its competition:

  • It has 2 functionalities. It has both a forehead and an ear function.
  • Extensively clinically tested and FDA approved. The time and effort invested in testing and fine-tuning this thermometer are enormous. The result is top medical quality.
  • Extremely easy to use. This thermometer beats all other devices in the market that you have to turn on, wait for the self-test, wait to pre-warm the tip etc. Just place it in position, click, and done. That's all. It takes 1 second to take your temperature.

About the Product

  • Consistent and reliable ear thermometer with forehead function (dual mode) - The easiest and most practical way to take a body temperature.
  • Clinical thermometer - Unmatched performance with revolutionized calibration technology - Clinically calibrated for medical use. Delivers temperature readings with unfailing accuracy and very fast.
  • Professional medical equipment - Trusted by pediatricians and medical professionals, this thermometer is the #1 clinically tested and secure solution for all ages.
  • Hassle free – With just 2 buttons, head and ear, this electronic thermometer is very easy to use. The thermometer reads in 1 second and a loud enough beep will notify you it is done. It comes with fever alarm, it requires no covers and the last 20 readings can be easily recalled.

Info: Learn about the variations between Oral (0.5 to 1.0°F), Forehead (0.3 to 0.5°F) and Ear and Rectal measurements.

iProvèn's 100-100 policy

We are 100% sure that you will love the iProvèn DTM-489. If for whatever reason you will not, you will get a full refund within 100 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

Download the manual to learn more 

Download English (US) Manual of the iProvèn DMT-489
Download English (UK) Manual of the iProvèn DMT-489
Download German (DE) Manual of the iProvèn DMT-489

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