Digital Basal Thermometer - ACCURATE 1/100th Degree, Track Your Cycle - Natural Fertility and Pregnancy Planning - BBT-271A

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All You Need To Start Your TTC Journey

An ultra-sensitive thermometer to track your fertility, a step-by-step explanation, and a temperature chart all in one pretty package. You don’t need anything else to start tracking your waking temps. In no time, you’ll have a grip on your cycle and you’ll be to identify your most fertile days with as most precision as possible.

An Ultra-Sensitive Thermometer
It may take a full minute to measure your temperature but the BBT-271 won’t let you down. It’s designed to measure your temperature every morning with precision up to 0.01 degree. Its sensitivity allows it to identify your thermal shift and ovulation easily. And bonus: The beep is so soft; it won’t wake your sleeping hubby.

The BBT-271 will make a difference in your TTC journey. It helps you to detect your thermal shift every month so that you can schedule the baby dance with your hubby when the time is right—during your most fertile days. After all, as a future mama, the most important knowledge is knowing when chances of conceiving are highest. The BBT-271 will be the guide you need.

Start your journey today. Why wait?

  • THE START OF A NEW BEGINNING - The BBT-271 is not your average, everyday thermometer. It measures your basal body temperature to track your fertility. So you can identify your ovulation with ease.
  • GET A GRIP ON YOUR CYCLE - The BBT-271 is designed with future mamas in mind. In 1 minute a day, it will help you to pinpoint your most fertile days in any given cycle. So you can schedule the baby dance with your hubby with certainty.
  • SLOW BUT SURE - Our thermometer measures your actual body temperature. It may take a minute to measure but you’ll be sure of an accurate temperature up to 0.01 of a degree.
  • THE GUIDANCE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR - The BBT-271 comes with a clear step-by-step manual and a guide to explain how to get from BBT charting to your BFP. Even if you are new to completely TTC, with our guidance, you’ll be an expert in no-time.
  • REMEMBERS IT FOR YOU - Our BBT-271 remembers the last measured temperature for you. So if you don’t want to wake up your hubby early in the morning, you can easily write it down at a later moment.
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