Best FDA Digital Medical Thermometer - Fast Readings in 10 Seconds - Baby Rectal Thermometer - Adult Oral Thermometer - DT-R1221BLU by iProvèn - with Fever Detection - High Quality

  • RECTAL DIGITAL MEDICAL THERMOMETER FOR BABIES - iProven’s DT-R1221BLU is an accurate thermometer you can trust when you need it most.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR BABY & CONVENIENT FOR YOU - The rectal thermometer for babies is designed to be comfortable and you can trust in its reliability when it gives you fast and accurate readings.
  • EMOJIS AS A FEVER INDICATION - The smileys on the side of the display will let you know if your baby’s fever calls for extra attention.
  • NO MORE WORRYING & WAITING - Checking your little one’s temperature takes only 10 seconds before you know if you need to take action.
  • ORDER TODAY - and you’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.

Ready to meet our fast one?
Our DTR-1221BLU gives you results in only seconds. Along with a fever indication, the temperature reading appears within 10 seconds on the display. No more worrying and waiting! You no longer have to guess if your baby’s temperature is serious!

Waterproof for more hygiene
The DTR-1221BLU is waterproof and easy to clean. Perfect during flu season when you don’t want to spread the flu to everyone in the household by taking temperatures!

Reliability for moms
The DTR-1221BLU is our accurate medical digital thermometer. It will give you reliable temperature readings time after time. As a mom, you at least have one thing less to worry about with the DT-R1221BLU safely in your bathroom drawer.

Our DTR-1221BLU won’t let you down. Why wait?

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