Fertility BBT Thermometer - ACCURATE 1/100th Degree, Trying To Conceive the Natural Way - BBT-271B

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Just getting started on your TTC Journey?

This Basal Body Temperature Thermometer - or BBT - is a useful tool for Trying to Conceive women. It provides you with basic information about temperature tracking and how to get started. 

Get the insights you’re looking for

Whether you hope to get pregnant or want to prevent a pregnancy, this fertility thermometer will show you what’s going on in your body. 

Don’t wake up your better half

You wouldn’t want that at the crack of dawn, right? This thermometer for ovulation tracking is provided with a soft beep and no backlight, so your hubby can continue to sleep peacefully when you take your waking temp. The memory will remember the last reading for you, so you can record it at a later moment.

Cuddle up for one more minute

Did you know this digital basal body thermometer is designed to be - slow - ? It measures your actual body temperature, which makes it a bit slower than regular fever thermometers. 

The good thing about this? The readings are very accurate, especially because this thermometer is sensitive to 0.01 degrees. And you can cuddle up for one more minute!

Start your journey today. Why wait?

  • THE HELP TTC MOMS NEED - Easy instructions in the manual, useful information in our ‘Guide for Mama’s in the Making’: this ovulation thermometer comes with the information you need to understand temperature tracking, and make it part of your life.
  • DETECT YOUR OVULATION PATTERN - Your cycle has a way of its own. This Basal Body Thermometer - or BBT - will help you to ‘crack the code’ and get a real grip on your cycle.
  • THE WAY TO PLAN YOUR FAMILY NATURALLY - Whether you’re trying for a baby or want to prevent a pregnancy, this fertility thermometer is the tool you need to plan your family naturally
  • MEMORY RECALL - Our thermometer for ovulation tracking allows you to measure in the dark - so you won’t wake up your hubby. The beep is so soft he won’t even notice. The best thing? The thermometer remembers the numbers for you. So you can record it at a later moment.
  • ORDER TODAY - You’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee and world class customer service.
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