Pulse Oximeter Fingertip O2 Saturation Monitor - iProvèn OXI-27 Blue

  • YOUR PERFECT COMPANION FOR REACHING YOUR HEALTH GOALS - Our OXI-27 will help you to gain insights into your SpO2 and pulse rate. When your goal is to lead a more active life, our OXI-27 will be here for you. 
  • YOUR SATURATION AND PULSE RATE ON ONE DISPLAY - Our device is precision-engineered to measure both SpO2 and pulse rate. We developed our OXI-27 to help you gain the insights you need to improve your fitness levels. 
  • EASILY UNDERSTAND YOUR MEASUREMENTS - The alarm will automatically let you know whenever your levels drop below 94%. You never have to worry again if your levels are within healthy limits. 
  • REALTIME VISUAL FEEDBACK - The functions of our OXI-27 also include a bar graph. Showing in realtime the intensity of the signal strength. So you know how well the device is able to pick up on your SpO2 and pulse rate. 
  • ORDER TODAY - You’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.


Our pulse oximeter made easy for you!
Our OXI-27 is so simple to operate; you'll be amazed. Click the only button and measurements will appear on the display within seconds. Our pulse oximeter will keep measuring as long as you keep your finger in place. You’ll know immediately what’s going on with your SpO2 and pulse rate when working out, sitting still, or somewhere in between.

Precision-engineered to never leave you wondering again
The display includes a bar graph to indicate the strength of your heartbeat. A full bar graph signifies a strong and steady heartbeat—that's what you want to aim for!

Be sure of your measurements wherever you go
Our OXI-27 is equipped with a tiny loophole. And—by a twist of fate—the lanyard included in your purchase fits perfectly in the loophole. Now you can keep track of your measurements wherever you go without losing your brand new oximeter.

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