Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Test Kit - 50 LH and 20 HCG - OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit iProven FK-127

Ovulation Test Strips and Pregnancy Test Kit - 50 LH and 20 HCG - OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit iProven FK-127

Why use an ovulation calculator or a fertility monitor?

The iProvèn FK-127 is the one-stop solution for predicting your most fertile moment in the month, and monitoring if it worked out as per your expectations.
This kit contains 50 LH urine test strips. LH is the hormone in a woman's body that is related to your ovulation. Based on the outcome the strips produces, you will see if your LH hormone has raised compared to the day before. Based on the raise, your ‘LH surge’ can be found. Once the surge is there, you are about to ovulate. If you have intercourse right after you detect your LH-surge within the 24 hours following, the chance to get pregnant will be highest.
The HCG pregnancy urine test strips will show you if it worked out well. 

How does it work?
HCG pregnancy test: When a woman is pregnant, HCG is produced by the developing placenta and secreted into the urine. Following the instructions on when and how to collect urine and perform the test, you are able to see if you are pregnant. The strips have a test line, and a control line. The test line becomes red when HCG is detected and the control line becomes red to show that the test was done correctly.
LH fertility test: This test has an optimal sensitivity to determine when your LH level is at its highest point. This is called the LH-surge. Ovulation will follow the LH-surge. The test line becomes red when LH is detected and the control line becomes red to show that the test was done correctly. 

Predicting ovulation and concluding pregnancy have been high on the priority list of scientists for decades. This kit is the outcome of this hard work. 

About the product

  • Ovulation tracker - These tests have optimal sensitivity to determine when your luteinizing hormone (LH) level is at its highest point which shows you that your ovulation is near, or when your HCG level show you that you are pregnant with the 10mIU/ml pregnancy test strips.
  • Cost effective - This OPK (ovulation predictor kit) is the most cost effective method in the market of natural family planning. Don’t spend a lot on plastic cases or mid-stream tests. This method will do the job for you.
  • Quick and easy to use - The easy collect-dip-see procedure will show you the outcome quickly. The easy to understand instruction manual will guide you through the process of predicting your ovulation or testing your pregnancy step by step.
  • Natural family planning - Natural family planning (NFP) is fertility awareness, which is simply knowledge of a couple’s fertility by reading the body’s signs of fertility and infertility. LH test strips are one of the natural indicators to get fertility awareness.
  • Advanced development - This pregnancy test bulk kit and fertility are based on the latest research and developments in this industry. This TTC home kit is perfect to monitor fertility and pregnancy. Test strip kits are popular for people that want to chart their fertility at home, as well as ept for early detection of pregnancy.

iProvèn's 100-100 policy

We are 100% sure that you will love the iProvèn FK-127. If for whatever reason you will not, you will get a full refund within 100 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

Download the manual to learn more

 Download English (US) Manual of the iProvèn LH FK-127
 Download English (US) Manual of the iProvèn HCG FK-127
 Download English (UK) Manual of the iProvèn LH FK-127
 Download English (UK) Manual of the iProvèn HCG FK-127

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Inexpensive and works great!

I got tired of spending $2 a test for the cheap pregnancy tests at the dollar store. These work just as well and almost as early as the really expensive tests. Also, being able to track your ovulation is wonderful and very important for any woman in her fertile years - both to get pregnant and to prevent getting pregnant. I have used both types of strips and the both work - the ovulation strips pinpointed my ovulation and the pregnancy strips worked a day earlier than the cheap ones from the dollar store. Be sure you read how the ovulation strips work - the day of the darkest line is the day before you ovulate, not the day of.

We are expecting!

The ovulation strips worked great! We got pregnant the first month we used them! YAY!!! The pregnancy tests were not as accurate though, I wasn't getting a positive result, even though I was "late", I bought a digital one from the store and that confirmed the pregnancy, these strips didn't show positive for over a week! All in all, I'd say the price was well worth it as the ovulation strip were clearly on point.

False positives

Beware of the HCG test strips. I have gotten 2 false positives.

It works, just follow the instructions!

So I bought this product over a week ago and started testing last Tuesday. According to my cycle, that was the best time to test. I tested Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Sat, Sun and I got all negative tests. By that time, I was feeling super discouraged and thinking that either a. I missed my fertile window even though my app told me I was IN the window OR b. the tests didnt work.Well today, my body gave me an indication that I MIGHT be ovulating so I ran to the bathroom and BOOM: GOT A POSITIVE TEST! My first positive test since I've been testing. I guess the instructions were right LOL.PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Otherwise, you will save yourself alot of pain and disappointment.Hubby and I did the baby dance before I took the test so I'm even more happy that I took the test today to confirm that today was a good day for the baby dance.I'll give you an update IF this month is the lucky month!

I got a false positive on the pregnancy strip.

The ovulation strips worked just fine but i gave this two stars because I got a false positive on a pregnancy strip. I was pretty sad when I took other pregnancy tests that came back negative.