FMH-139 Pregnancy Tests 5x Midstream

FMH-139 Pregnancy Tests 5x Midstream

About the product

  • READY FOR WELCOMING NEW LIFE INTO YOUR FAMILY? - Let our pregnancy tests be your companion. And hopefully, the bearers of good news!
  • FALSE POSITIVES OR NEGATIVES - Who wouldn’t be scared of them? Our tests are 99% accurate when used on day 1 or 2 of your expected new cycle.
  • CHECK CHECK DOUBLE CHECK - Looking for a confirmation of your positive test? With the extra tests in the box, you can double- or even triple check.

Welcome to this exciting new phase in your life!

Nothing is more exciting than trying to welcome new life into your family. But, it can be a stressful at times too. What if a positive test doesn’t come as quickly as you’d hoped for?

Whether you just started your TTC journey, or you’re on the road for a little bit longer. A reliable pregnancy test is a must. That’s why we developed this test with an accuracy of 99%.

You can’t believe you finally have that Big Fat Positive? Just test again. Enough tests in the box to confirm the result!

Our FMH-139 won’t let you down. Why wait?

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
It worked

This was a good cheap test. It worked as it should and gave me the result I expected.

Accurate and easy to use.

There was no doubt that it was negative, no ambiguity at all about if there was a line or not (and I have wicked line eye). Test was easy to use, packaged well, and not hard to read. Even after the tests dried there wasn't a hint of a line like I get with some other tests.

Great product/value

These tests are easy to use, give fast/clear results and are a great value for 5 tests. Definitely would recommend.

Great value for the price

Great price! I got 5 tests. Fast results with in 3 minutes. Very accurate

Good product for the price!

Nice packaging, seems accurate. I haven't had a positive yet on them so that's good! :)