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Frantically fast - Flawlessly flexible - Familiarly functional oral and rectal thermometer
This is the accurate, iProvèn DTR-1221A-US-WG - 'The Fast One'. A reliable and fast 12 second reading body thermometer. Accurate and easy to use for children and adults. Bored of waiting for your thermometer? It's time to get your thermometer waiting for you. It will take 'The Fast One' less time to read your temperature then it will cost you to put it in place. Besides its speed, 'The Fast One' has a handy new feature: fever indication. Three different smileys let you know at a glance whether you have a good, or slightly increased temperature or when fever is detected. What is more: whenever fever is detected, it sounds a fever alarm. We also included memory of the prior measurement for 'The Fast One' so you are able to keep track of how the temperature is evolving. If you have to measure the temperature, especially at night, you don't want anyone else to be annoyed by its sound, let alone to be woken up by it. That's why the beep and the fever alarm of the DTR-1221 are delicate, yet perfectly audible. Thanks to its flexible tip you can comfortably use this thermometer orally or rectally. It is waterproof and therefore very easy to clean with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. This also means you can easily and hygienically use it for the whole family.

About the Product

  • Quick read oral and rectal thermometer - Fast (10 sec) and accurate (1/10 degree)
  • Flexible tip - More convenient, softer in the mouth and no more slipping! (Simply bite and hold)
  • Fever indication - Understand your temperature - Instantly see if the temperature is good, high or too high
  • Last temperature memory function - Vital for checking the course of the temperature or fever
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning - Fever alarm sound - Easy Fahrenheit-Celsius switch - Delicate sound to not disturb or wake anyone - 100-100 iProvèn warranty
  • All you need do is: switch on - See last recorded temp - Bite the probe - Press the button - Hold in mouth 10 seconds - Hear beep - Check temperature and the fever indicator - Clean easily with water and soap or alcohol - Put it back in its case - That's all.

iProvèn's 100-100 policy

We are 100% sure that you will love the iProvèn DTR-1221A-US-WG. If for whatever reason you will not, you will get a full refund within 100 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

Download the manual to learn more

Download English (US) Manual of the iProvèn DTR-1221A
Download English (UK) Manual of the iProvèn DTR-1221A
Download German (DE) Manual of the iProvèn DTR-1221A

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews Write a review