Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer - iProven DMT-489

Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer - iProven DMT-489

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Meet our DMT-489

  • #1 Ear and Forehead Thermometer
  • Results in 1-3 Seconds
  • Backlight with Fever Indicator
  • Revolutionized 2019 Technology

Your #1 choice

The iProven DMT-489 is the #1 thermometer for your family. Awarded Best Thermometer by The WirecutterBusiness Insider and Mommyhood 101, it is accurate, gives fast readings in 1-3 seconds, and is comfortable for your little one.

Here’s Why

For babies up to 6 months, a forehead measurement will take just 3 seconds: Hold - Swipe - Release.

An Ear measurement - used for older babies, but also for teens and adults - is ready in 1 second: Aim - Pull - Click.  

Taking temps has never been easier: in the middle of the night, the backlit display will display your little one’s temperature. The color indicator will show you how serious the fever is.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
completely inaccurate

My son has been sick for the last few days and the silver lining was getting to put this new thermometer to the test! Sadly, I get a different temperature every time I check - ranging from 99.5 to 100.7! This leaves me with no idea whether I can send him to school or not. Can’t believe a $30 thermometer with such good reviews performs worse than a $1 thermometer.


Easy to use.

Great fast and accurate Thermometer

The forehead option is a game changer for parents because we all know how hard it is for a kid to keep a thermometer in the mouth or under their arm long enough to get an accurate response, especially when they are sick. This particular thermometer is easy to use and give results quickly. I would highly recommend this thermometer for any parents out there!

Quick and easy

I really like this thermometer because it is easy and simple to use. This is quick and easy to use on a baby as well and doesn't make the baby fussy.

Unit as expected, excellent customer service

The first one I ordered had an issue. It would read the ambient air temperature accurately; and the forehead and both ears would all read relatively the same....except they all said I had a temperature of a 100 degrees. Which I certainly did not. However - customer service contacted me right away and responded to every email within about 4-5 hours. They actually read and responded intelligently to each email, and ended up sending me a replacement. That second one, appears to work fine. The only reason I am giving this 4 instead of 5 stars is that repeat measurements differ a little more than I expected (more than my old one did). But other than that, the ear/forehead multi-function is great and it's solidly built. And honestly, the customer service was top notch.