Cuff for Blood Pressure Monitors - Large Upper Arm Cuff - Size L 8¾ -16½ inch or 22-44cm - iProvèn Large-Cuff - compatible with BPM-634 and BPM-2244BT

  • THE CUFF TO COMPLETE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE KIT. In need of a replacement cuff for your Blood Pressure Monitor, or looking for a different size? Our cuff makes your Blood Pressure Kit complete again.
  • EASY WRAPPING. The velcro makes it easy to place and remove it. - Compatible with the iProvèn BPM-634 & BPM-2244BT
  • When you ORDER TODAY, you’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.


Has your cuff been damaged? Do you need a different size? The iProvèn Upper Arm Cuff is handy if you need to replace the cuff of your blood pressure kit.

It’s suitable for the most common sizes of upper arms, ranging from 22-42 cm / 8¾ -16½ inch.

The velcro makes the cuff easy to place and easy to remove. It is compatible with the iProvèn Blood Pressure Monitors BPM-634 and BPM-2244BT.

Have you purchased your blood pressure monitor BPM-634 or BPM-2244BT from us recently? Contact customer support and we will give you a discount code to get this XL cuff for free!